Top Ten Prepper Items


Should you agree or disagree with me when I say that there is an information overload on the Internet when it comes to most topics, one thing is certain:

Prepping is no exception. There are a lot of prepping articles out there. Most of them good, some not so much so.


Sometimes you need a short, simple reminder, a visual checklist of what are some of the prepping must haves and why. That is why I have put together a list with the top ten prepper items.

These are items that are part of the survival and sustenance category. These are the first prepper items you should put your hands on:


You can survive without water for about 3 days. But, if you want to be at your best physical performance, you need water on a regular basis.

Stockpile water & water purification systems.

Medicine & First Aid

This is a no-brainer, especially if you regularly take prescription medicine. Also, do not forget to pack pain/fever relievers, allergy medicine, bandages, antibiotic creams, etc.

Consult doctor. Pay attention to expiration dates.


You can survive a lot more time without food that without water – around 3 weeks. But, for the same reason, that you want to be energetic and able to deal with whatever comes your way, you need to have an adequate intake of food.

Start by stockpiling a 72 hour reserve first. Build upon that reserve. Rotate regularly with respect to the expiration dates.


Whether you want to bug-in or bug-out, you need a well written plan for how to deal with emergency or survival situations. You may have just a few seconds to react to whatever is happening, so a good plan might just save your life.

Do not forget to tell your family about the plan and where to find it. Include local maps and contact information for local authorities, friends, neighbours, etc.


Which is actually shelters. For bug-ins, stockpile your most secure room with the survival must-haves. For bug-outs, find the best places where you can hide, spend the night, protect yourself from the elements, etc.

Do not forget to list the shelter locations and directives on your prepping plan.


Tools and weapons that you can use for defense or hunting. Choices vary according to your bug out or home protection plan.

Keep away from children. Read and conform to all local and federal laws.


No matter if you are in your car driving, in the middle of the forest or at home, fixing things, a multitool will always come in handy.

Choose one that is durable and easy to use.


There are some awesome flashlights out there. If you even can call it a flashlight anymore. They have a USB charger for your phone, are hand-cranked, solar powered or both, have a radio, and some even have a fire-starter attached.

You need one.


What to wear in a survival situation should be part of your survival plan. Some examples are sweat-proof clothing designed for speed and agility, warm clothing designed for outdoors survival during the cold season or even simple things such as a rain poncho.

Switch clothes based on the season and have them ready to be picked up at a moment’s notice.

Common Sense

It is more a skill than an item. You’ll be amazed how many people lack this skill. I’ll sum it up to you:

  • can you do anything to prevent the emergency or hazard from taking place in the first place
  • use your common sense to analyze the survival situation. Are you in immediate danger? From what? Can you contact the authorities? How about your family?
  • using the information from the analysis, decide how are you going to respond to the hazard. What are you going to do about it right now?
  • as the survival situation matures, circumstances might change. Re-analyze and use the conclusions you draw from that to plan-out your future actions

Yes, you are absolutely correct. There are a lot more things that you could use depending on the situation you’re faced with. Gear such as respirators, paracord, gloves, sleeping bag, camping supplies, etc. But the must-haves listed above are definitely the first ones you should add to your prepping list.

Here is a complete prepping supplies list.


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